Stand-By Generators

Fully automated stand-by generator systems are the solution for residences and facilities requiring backup power solutions with moderate to large energy demands. Alpine Electric provides automated generator systems from 7kW up to 40 kW and larger. These systems constantly monitor utility electric service for an outage, upon which, the generator will start providing your electric power until utility service resumes, then shut itself down, and resume monitoring for another outage. The fuel source for these generators is either natural gas or propane which are usually present at most locations, providing reliable, trouble free operation. Generators can be installed with or without a solar electric system.

UPS / Battery Backup Systems

Battery backup systems are an excellent alternative to standby generators in that they have silent operation, very little maintenance, emmission-free, and are therefore much easier to pass through the permitting process; usually only over-the-counter permits required. Their power production is more limmitted than generators however most residential applications require only small to medium sized battery banks to operate essential loads, such as refrigerators and computers. They also have the distinct advantage of providing near-seamless power in the event of a utility failure, detecting an outage a providing power within 8-15 Milliseconds. Battery backup systems can be installed with or without a solar electric system.